Jumat, 25 Agustus 2017

Photos Al Natural

In "Al natural" are going to have their space the photos that have the main focus in the nature as the landscapes, the seasons, the light and the four elements: earth, water, air and fire, although of photographing the air I see it Complicated .... I hope you like it.

In "Al naturale" avranno spazio le foto che hanno e theme principale la natura, come i paesaggi, le stazioni, la luce ei quattri elementi: terra, acqua, aria e fuoco, anche se fotografare l'aria lo vedo complicato ... Spero che vi piaccia.

Photos natural

Title: Adherence

Title: Autumn trees

Title: Storm Light

Winter Mornings

Title: Tomorrow.
 The title so because I take one winter morning decamino to my daughter's school

Title: Arboleda

Autumn evenings

Title: Water Drops

    Title: Bancos de Sol.
 The title so because what I liked the scene and I was motivated to take the photo was the sun bouncing on the benches, bathing them with light.

 Title: Leaves

 Title: Tramonto

 Title: Lights

                 Title Regent Park.            

Title: Street lamp.

Happy 2017 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Happy New Year P ara All !!!!!

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Arrived 2012 ..... seems to lie .... I do not know about you, but I thought that by this time there would already be flying cars, super futuristic clothing, tourist trips to other planets, the moon would have a terrestrial colony, and why not??? We would be in contact with some plutonian .... Yes, I know ... many science fiction books, no ??? However taking out climate change and technological progress, which is far from what one expected in childhood from what I saw in the movies or read in the science fiction books, things did not change much .... and That's not exactly good, is it?
I hope this 2012, as it will not bring us the plutonians, nor the earthly colony on the moon, bring us everything we want, come full of projects, achievements and joys.

I leave you a Fragment of "The Foundation" by Isaac Asimov one of my favorite science fiction writers

" The first glimpse of Trántor's sun was that of a hard, white speck, completely lost in a myriad of other peers, and only recognizable because it was marked in the ship's guide. galaxy But every jump, its brightness increased, making the rest will go out, is enrareciera and empalideciera..
An officer approached saying
-.. the viewpoint is closed for the rest of the trip Prepare for landing
Gaal followed, and Grabbed the sleeve of his white uniform with the distinctive spaceship and sun of the empire, and
"Could you not leave me?" I would like to see Trant.
The officer smiled and Gaal blushed slightly. It occurred to him that he spoke like a provincial.
The officer said,
"We will land at Trant tomorrow morning."
- I meant that I want to see it from Space.
- Oh, I'm sorry, boy. If this were a pleasure craft there would be no inconvenience, but we are plummeting, facing the sun. Surely you would not like to be blind, burned and affected by radiation all at the same time, right?
Gaal walked away from him.
The officer continued
, "Anyway, Trántor would be nothing more than a gray spot, boy. Why do not you take a touristic space trip when you get to Trant? Are cheap.
Gaal looked back.
- Many thanks.
It was childish to be disappointed; But childishness affects almost as easily a man as a child, and Gaal had a lump in his throat. He had never seen Trántor spread out before him in all its magnitude, as big as life, and he had not thought he had to wait any longer. "